Every year our Men’s and Ladies’ Captains select a charity to support. With the generous support of the members of Hoebridge Golf Club we regularly raise in excess of £20,000 each year.

This year our captains, Steph and John, have chosen Woking Strokeability as the HGC charity of 2022.

Woking Strokeability is a small local charity which provides physical and emotional support to stroke survivors, their carers and others with similar physical limitations.

Using local leisure facilities, the charity provides supervised aerobic and aqua aerobic exercise. Working with qualified instructors, members are encouraged to make the most of their current capabilities and move as much as possible, which restores their confidence and fitness. Most members, partners and carers meet after a workout to enjoy lunch and drink together, which provides emotional support and much-needed social contact.

Currently the charity depends heavily on one stroke rehab qualified instructor Isobel. Finding and training another instructor in stroke rehabilitation as a back-up and deputy is a key aim for this year’s fundraising.

Steph Williams (Lady Captain)
My sister-in-law suffered two strokes and both of my parents had a stroke at the end of their lives. In addition, one of my very good friends that I met playing sport had a stroke at 49, so I’m all too familiar with the effects a stroke can have.
That’s why this charity means so much to me personally and I am delighted to have chosen them for our Hoebridge Golf Club charity of 2022, so that we can help provide additional local support for stroke survivors.

John Hort (Men’s Captain)
Like Steph, I also have first-hand experience witnessing the effects of a stroke. My father-in-law suffered a severe stroke towards the end of his life which left him with very little movement on his right side and largely confined to a wheelchair. Whilst there was some input from organizations who offered some social support, he did not receive any physical help to maximize his mobility.
I believe Woking Strokeability provides an invaluable support and service for people in this situation to make significant improvements to their lives after a stroke.

Charity Website:

Charity Registration Number: 1126721