A Guide to the World Handicap System

The World Handicap System was introduced by England Golf on the 2nd November 2020 and
the principle reference point for you to ascertain your Handicap Index is the WHS My England Golf Platform www.members.whsplatform.englandgolf.org/.

To access your personal record on this platform you will need your Membership number (previously known as your CDH number) and the e mail address recorded on the club’s database.

Your Handicap Index is also available for you to view on the V1 Members Hub and HDID app.

For every competition you play you will need to:
a) Be aware of your current ‘Handicap Index’
b) Be aware of how to identify your Course Handicap
c) Be aware of the stroke allowances for the format of golf you are playing.

When you are booked in to a specific competition on Club V1, the app will have already have taken account of your Handicap Index, your resultant Course Handicap, and your stroke allowance for that format of play, and the number that is shown on the tee sheet is your Playing Handicap for the Competition.

If for any reason these are not displayed on the app, players can obtain their Course Handicap from the look up chart, which will be located in full view in the vicinity of the Starters Hut, both on the Hoebridge Course and on the Shey Copse Course. You will still need to calculate your Playing Handicap from the Stroke Allowances applicable to the format of golf you are playing. The stroke allowances in the main formats of play used at Hoebridge are as follows:

Medals & Stablefords – 95% of your Course Handicap
Individual Match Play – 100% of the difference between the Course Handicaps of the players. (No change from the current allowance).
Fourball Matchplay – 90% of the difference between the player with the lowest Course Handicap and each of the other players. (No change from the current allowance).

Whilst it is always good for player to know how they are performing in a Medal and a Stableford, it is not necessary from a score submission perspective. All that is required is that a player must enter their gross score on each hole on their score card and subsequently into the scoring system, whether through a PSI terminal (currently out of use due to Covid 19) or through Score Entry on HDID or V1 Hub, and the system will do the rest.

Whilst this all seems complex at the moment, once you have used it a few times I’m sure you will find it simple.

Andy Richardson Handicap Secretary Nov 2020