Dress code and course etiquette.

All players are kindly asked to keep to the following:
* Wear appropriate clothing, including golf shoes. No cargo shorts, torn jeans/shorts or collarless shirts.
* Avoid any movement or other distraction when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
* Ring the bells situated on the 7th, 11th and 17th fairways loudly to alert the group behind when they can safely play their shots.
* Repair bunkers after playing out of them. Never enter a bunker from the side or front.
* Replace divots.
* Repair pitch marks on the green.

Do Not
• Talk loudly on the course as you can disturb the players on another hole.
• Take your trolley on or near the green or on the teeing ground.
• Leave your trolley at the front of the green.
• Use mobile devices for any purpose other than measuring distance.

Pace of Play

No-one likes slow play. The R&A has made clear its support for ‘ready golf’. This is also strongly supported at Hoebridge. The goal should be for a 3 ball round to take no more than 4 hours. Wherever possible you should try to follow these guidelines:

* Keep sight of the group in front of you, not behind you.
* If the group in front of you is on the fairway, your group should be on the tee.
* Be ready to hit when the group in front moves to their next shot.
* Walk briskly between shots.

On the Tee
* No “honours” - the first player ready tees off (except matchplay, unless otherwise agreed).
* Shorter hitters should be prepared to tee off first.
* Carry an extra ball in case you need to play a provisional.
* If you think your ball may be lost, always play a provisional.

On the Fairway
* Hit when ready, but safely; no “honours” (except matchplay, unless otherwise agreed).
* Shorter hitters should hit if longer hitters are waiting.
* Watch other players hit their shots so as to help find stray balls.

Lost Ball
* Other players should generally play first before coming to help look for a lost ball.
* Do not take too long looking for a lost ball - 3mins is the absolute maximum under the Rules of Golf.
* Let the group behind play through if they are waiting, particularly if a ball is in the deep rough.

On the Green
* Leave bags between green and next tee, not in front of the green.
* If one player is having trouble around the green, others should putt up until the player in trouble is ready.
* Get ready to putt before it’s your turn.
* Whenever possible continue putting until holed out.
* Move quickly off the green, record scores at the next tee.