Charity Events

Charity Events 2022

Date Event Time Location and details
Bridge night 21-Mar 19:00-22:00 Hill Suite, Hoebridge Golf Club
Shey Copse games challenge 20-Apr 11:00-16:00 Hill Suite. Please bring your friends
Main Course Games Challenge (meal available, tba) 02-May 16:00-20:00 Hill Suite. Please bring your friends
Charity day 12-Jul   2 tee start followed by lunch and prize-giving
Bridge night 05-Oct From 11:00 Hill Suite
Captains’ 3-course challenge 19-Oct From 07:40 Join the Captains to play all three courses if you’re feeling energetic. Alternative you can play just one or two courses.
Race night 28-Nov 19:00-22:00 Hill Suite. An evening of horse-racing where you can win, win win!